Vertical Lifting Clamp Maintenance Kit

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Vertical Lift clamp - exploded view

Parts can be purchased individually. If you need more than one part, one of our maintenance kits may be more economical.

Part No.Description
SC-10 Lifting Shackle
SC-12 Shackle Pin
SC-16 Spacers
SC-35 Cam Yoke Pin
SC-37 Cam Yoke Pivot Pin
SC-42 Gripping Cams - 2 required
(also available in Stainless Steel - see below)
SC-44 Cam Step Pin
SC-46 Cam Connecting Arm
SC-54 Cam Pivot Pin c/w Roll Pin
SC-61 Spring Assembly (Spring, Yoke, & Cotter Pin)
SC-65 Lock Assembly
SC-70 Rocking Swivel Die c/w Nut & Bolt
(also available in Stainless Steel - see below)
SC-80 Connecting Cam Yoke - 2 Req'd. c/w Separator Pin

SC-42-SS Gripping Cams - 2 required
SC-70-SS Rocking Swivel Die c/w Nut & Bolt

SC-42-D2 Gripping Cams - 2 required
SC-70-D2 Rocking Swivel Die c/w Nut & Bolt

Download Manual (PDF) full clamp details

Download Log Book (Excel file) for recording maintenance

Download Instructions for Repair Kits (PDF)

See our Downloads page for more documents 

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