Why Bird's Clamps?

Our distributors tell us they're the “best clamps in the world.”

Put through rigorous quality control and performance testing, our clamps are pull tested to twice their rated capacity.

Further, our choice of the finest-grade high-strength alloy steel, visual inspections and ASME compliance certification coupled with rigorous attention to detail ensures that our customers receive the most rugged and dependable clamps on the market. 

Our clamps are ASME B30.20 and ASME BTH-1 compliant as of June 2014.  Clamps manufactured prior to this date can be brought into compliance.  Contact your distributor for details.

More clamp for your money

Every clamp we manufacture comes with the following features:

  • Extra-wide jaw openings accommodating a greater range of thickness than other clamps.
  • A self-aligning, pivoting die in our vertical lifting clamps that allows for maximum surface contact between the load and clamp.
  • A large shackle eye, which means easier and worry-free hitching and unhitching.
  • All working parts are fully enclosed, ensuring parts are protected for a longer product life.
  • Most models lock when open and closed.
  • Each product uses high strength alloy steel which adds to clamp durability.
  • Replacement parts and repair kits are readily available.
  • Steel safety clamps are available in all sizes.
  • A universal swivel hoisting-eye is available for vertical lifting models.
  • Gripping components for extra-hard lifts and stainless steel lifts available for all makes and models

Superior Clamping Performance

Our clamps have key qualities that set them apart from the competition:

  • Bird's Clamps uses only high strength alloy steel in our products.
  • Our clamps meet and exceed industry specifications.
  • All clamps are stamped with a maximum lifting capacity in tonnes, and are certified to lift twice their rated capacity through intensive pull testing, either horizontally or vertically.
  • Our vertical lifting clamps will lift from 0 lbs to its rated capacity due to manual spring loading that ensures a tight grip prior to lifting.
  • The operational hardness range of jaw materials are:
    • Standard Jaws: 0 to 375 Brinell (40HRc)
    • Extra Hard Jaws: 0 to 500 Brinell (52HRc)
    • Stainless Steel Jaws: 0 to 375 Brinell (40HRc)
  • Standard jaws will lift plate up to a Brinell Hardness of 450 (48 HRc), provided these jaws are inspected for wear between each lift.
  • Bird's Clamps are capable of handling any mill scale on hot rolled material, and care must be taken if the clamp is attached to any area of the plate having excessive scale.
  • Birds Clamps operate over a wide temperature range:
    • Standard Jaws: -30 C to 260 C (-22 F to 500 F)
    • Extra Hard Jaws: -10 C to 260 C (14 F to 500 F)
    • Stainless Steel Jaws: -10 C to 260 C (14 F to 500 F)
  • The jaws are capable of lifting material outside of these two temperatures; however it is only recommended for brief intervals, allowing the clamp to cool (or warm) to room temperature before it is put back into service.

  • Specialty jaws are available for custom applications. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Contact Bird's Clamps today to become an authorized distributor or to find out more.


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