Beam and Frame Clamp

Our Beam and Frame Clamp is a multipurpose lifting clamp ideal for lifting and positioning of a wide range of structural shapes. The open lower jaw increases its versatility in application. The lock open and lock closed feature enables the operator to freely position the clamp on each job and hold its position during lifting.

Recommended for use in pairs.

Product # HL-BC


  • Prooftested for 2:1 safety factor
  • Has no die seat so it will hook over end of beams & frames
  • Usually used in pairs but in some applications only one clamp is required
  • Lock open & closed
  • Teeth are spring-loaded
  • All parts are replaceable
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Horizontal Side Beam Lift clamp

1 metric tonne = 2200 lbs / 1 kg = 2.2 lbs / 10 mm = .3937 inches

HL-BC-1 1 tonne 0-22 10 kg None
HL-BC-2 2 tonnes 0-34 15 kg None

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